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UsingWhen Mommy Feels Sad

When Mommy Feels Sad is an excellent resource for teaching children about depression. Equipped with a glossary, discussion questions, and activities, this book gives adults a vocabulary to describe mental illness and share experiences.

A mother with depression looks sadly out a rain-streaked window
When Mommy Feels Sad has caught the attention of mental health professionals!


As depression remains largely a taboo topic in society, When Mommy Feels Sad is an educational resource that I think has the power to lift the stigma related to depression. Bartle's personal experience with mental illness, coupled with her exceptional writing talent, means she was able to create an excellent educational resource for children that should be used in all schools or should be taught to children at home or in other educational settings. When Mommy Feels Sad is one of the best children's educational books I've read.

/// Jennie More, Reader's Favorite

A mother with depression holds her head in her hands and looks disappointed.
A mother with depression cries as she rests in bed.

"Depression is real!  Depression is hard!  It hurts individual AND families.  Heidi has found a way to help children understand what depression really is, how it affects others, and how to get hope.  Every home should have this book to help kids understand depression too!"
/// Jim R. Jacobs, LCSW, Author of Driving Lessons For Life: Thoughts on Navigating Your Road to Personal Growth

"When Mommy Feels Sad is a MUST READ! Finally, a book that offers clear and simple ways for children to understand what depression is and how it can impact family relationships. Heidi Bartle offers understanding, hope and a safe place for kids to begin asking
questions about depression. There is no other children's book on depression like it!"
/// Barbara Murray, LCSW,
Author of Taking Back Parenting

A mother with depression kneels and hands a flower to her young son
A mother with depression sits on the floor and looks sadly out the window

"With over 25 years of working with clients of all ages who have experienced depression, I have heard repeatedly the need to "de-stigmatize" depression. Heidi's book does just that! The simplicity and directness of her style make it easy for children to understand something that might otherwise be scary as they watch a parent or loved one struggle. Adults will also be drawn to her straightforward and gentle explanation of what it's like to be a typical mom who struggles with depression.  What a great way to open a conversation about a difficult struggle, and to help loved ones better understand. GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY and start the conversation!"

/// Caralee Frederic, LSCW, CGT, SRT

What's next?

Heidi would love to write a series of books for children that address mental illness. If would like to share your experience with anxiety, please contact her using the button below.

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