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How to Use When Mommy Feels Sad with Young Kids

Today I had the privilege of witnessing a discussion about depression as a friend read my book to her four young children (eight years old and under). Based on her excellent example, I will share a few tips for using When Mommy Feels Sad in your home.

Tip 1: Gather family members and explain that you are going to read a book about feelings. Ask children to listen for feelings that sound familiar, as well as feelings that provoke questions.

Tip 2: Read the book aloud, inviting as many children as are able to take turns reading, too.

Tip 3: Ask and answer questions along the way. Relate the situation of the mother to your life. How would you feel? What would you do? Does someone in your family have an illness that causes intense feelings? How do you or they handle it?

Tip 4: Draw pictures about feelings. Talk about which of your many emotions feels the strongest, and draw something to represent the feeling. Share stories about your feelings as you draw.

Tip 5: Take pictures to commemorate the event, and then hang the pictures in a prominent place to remind the family that talking about feelings - both easy ones and hard ones - is welcome in your home.

Many thanks to my sweet friends for modeling a very real and very sweet conversation about depression. Even young families can talk about mental illness!


Are you looking for a great tool that will help you talk about mental illness? When Mommy Feels Sad is an illustrated children's book that teaches about depression and the difficult feelings and experiences that go along with it. Start a conversation about depression with your loved one today.

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